3 Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend!

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Christmas is just around the corner and we’re here with some Christmas gift ideas for your girlfriend! No matter your budget or what your girlfriend likes, we’ve got some really thoughtful ideas that we know she’ll love. So, don’t worry if your present isn’t sorted yet, as these can all be last minute ideas as well!

A Date Night Package

First up, one of the most thoughtful gifts you can get for your love is a date night package. Get a basket together, find going out dresses online and find something you think she’ll love, then maybe add some shoes and accessories too if it’s on budget. If you want to spend more, you could also add other bits like perfume and makeup. Then, book a table at a nice restaurant and print off a voucher to sit on top of the basket. Not only have you spent time picking out something you think she’ll love to wear, but then you’re also spending quality time together on the date. This can so easily be tailored to suit you and your girlfriend, for example if you don’t really like getting all dressed up and fancy, you could get her a new gym outfit and then put a voucher for a fun activity for you to do together. If you like nights in, maybe you get her some cosy pyjamas, put her favourite snacks in, some ingredients to make cookies and then choose a film to watch together. No matter how much you want to spend, or what kind of date nights you and your girlfriend prefer, you can create a perfect, thoughtful gift that you know they’ll love.

Personalised Jewellery

Another great Christmas gift you can get for your girlfriend is personalised jewellery. If you want to get your partner a gift that they will keep for years and years, then personalised jewellery is a great way to go, as it’s that extra bit more special than your standard jewellery. This is also something that you can suit to so many budgets, as you could choose plated jewellery that you can get for between £15 and £50, or you could choose solid gold or silver if you have a higher budget. If you’re running quite late in terms of finding a present, then you could choose something that is personal to them but still ready to buy, such as birthstone jewellery. If you have slightly longer, then you could get it engraved with something thoughtful. If you wanted to link it to the date night basket you’ve made, maybe you could choose something to match their red dress to tie everything in together!

Pottery Kit

If your girlfriend is quite crafty, then getting her a pottery kit can be really fun. You can get pottery kits online where they are designed to be air dried, so you can do this together at home and it’ll be really fun. Usually they come with the actual clay, then also paints and things, so you can create something really cute.

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