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Do these 5 things After Graduation Class and Working with high salaries

Some people choose to study after upper secondary education, is to get a higher degree, and can work in a company later, with expectations high enough income. Salaries earned for diploma or bachelor’s degree, in Indonesia is quite satisfactory, but the actual title of a person is not always specify the expected high salary.
In addition, the biggest obstacle now is still the number of unemployed with a university degree or diploma as well, which is still difficult to get a job. Maybe they’ve tried to apply for a job through job fair, but considering the number of other applicants who may be more competent in their field, most of the others have to wait for a job and unemployed.
Then how to avoid it, and how to be able to work quickly with salaries higher when just out of college, following his review:
See Average Salary Profession
Should do a survey first, about how much the average salary earned from some professions you could possibly want. For example, you want to be a bank employee, find the average salary, based on his placement location city.
It could also be checked on theĀ for a more complete reference. If not, ask directly to senior friends who might have used to work at the company you seek, and ask how much the average of their monthly income.
Easy Tempted Great Name
You mean the big names here is a great company that used to be a dream job-seekers, as shown to provide a high enough salary. In fact, large companies do not always give a high salary as well as to their employees, especially to fresh graduates who do not have work experience. Usually they only pay the appropriate minimum wage or slightly above the minimum wage.
There is also the small and medium scale companies that offer a high salary. You can still try to work there. But it must be careful if there are small companies that offer high salaries, but it seems suspicious. Make sure the company is also apparent legality.
Before expect to be able to work in a big company and also get a salary high enough, try to assess yourself first, how superior the expertise and needed company.
The company not only assess the value of diploma and college, but they will also see the skill of what is within you, and adapt them to the needs of existing work. Salary you can, of course, must be comparable to the capabilities.
Never Surrender
In terms of looking for a job, a fresh graduate course must avoid quitter nature, when not getting the job as desired. Try alternative other work if it is not able to work at your favorite companies. Never give up is the attitude that you must have, in order not to lose out to others. Everyone has the potential to be successful in life, so do not ever give up.
Be Confident
Make sure you also should always be confident in the face of all challenges in life, including the challenge of finding work. Increase your confidence when there is a call job interview. The first impression will be quite influential to the company that is looking for candidates to work in his company.
Confident and Not Easy to Surrender
A fresh graduate who just finished college, you should never feel embarrassed when some time after graduation still can not work as you wish. Remain confident to improve in other areas, which may lead you to a better job, that match your skills.