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Couples have double the purchasing power of single property buyers, making purchasing a house a lot easier for two-income families. But that does not mean that single parents will not get lucky when purchasing a house. A lot of assistance plans are readily available to help single parents purchase a house and overcome roadblocks like modest salaries, poor or short credit histories, and low down payments.

While traditional banks cannot discriminate based on the borrower’s marital status, lending standards can make it pretty much harder for unmarried buyers to qualify for loans with only one source of income. More single individuals are starting to purchase houses again. According to NAR or the National Association of Realtors profiles of property sellers and buyers:

  • At least 60{18ef475765b7a8bba81e357ef7b73c29c986db2f1d6487d9acb1a3e19a4de9e1} of recent property buyers were married individuals
  • More or less 15{18ef475765b7a8bba81e357ef7b73c29c986db2f1d6487d9acb1a3e19a4de9e1} were single women
  • At least 5{18ef475765b7a8bba81e357ef7b73c29c986db2f1d6487d9acb1a3e19a4de9e1} were unmarried partners

For unmarried women, the figure above is up from 10{18ef475765b7a8bba81e357ef7b73c29c986db2f1d6487d9acb1a3e19a4de9e1} of buyers in 2015. It has tied the lowest share since 2000. The highest percentage was 20{18ef475765b7a8bba81e357ef7b73c29c986db2f1d6487d9acb1a3e19a4de9e1} in 2011. While married partners have the highest income, single women do more home purchasing than unmarried men and with less funds. Single male purchasers earned at least $60,000 compared to $50,000 for unmarried female buyers.

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Federal Housing Authority assistance

For unattached individuals looking to purchase a house – whether they have kids or not – the first thing they should look for if they have a low to moderate flow of income is a house purchasing plan that does not require a significant down payment.

The FHA offers housing debentures to first-time buyers or individuals who have not owned a house for three years. It needs only a 3.5{18ef475765b7a8bba81e357ef7b73c29c986db2f1d6487d9acb1a3e19a4de9e1} down payment and does not have an income-eligibility prerequisites. A minimum credit score of 580 is needed for a 96.5{18ef475765b7a8bba81e357ef7b73c29c986db2f1d6487d9acb1a3e19a4de9e1} debenture and 500 for 90{18ef475765b7a8bba81e357ef7b73c29c986db2f1d6487d9acb1a3e19a4de9e1} loans. The Federal Housing Authority has a HAWK program, or the Homeowners Armed with Knowledge, that offers mortgage insurances costs or breaks for going through housing counseling.

Want to know about FHA? Check out to find out more.

State and local programs

Local and state government schemes are set up to help moderate – to low-income purchasers. According to the Down Payment Resources index, most of these schemes are at the local level – at least 76{18ef475765b7a8bba81e357ef7b73c29c986db2f1d6487d9acb1a3e19a4de9e1} of property buyer assistance places in a defined area like a neighborhood, county, or city.

The state of California has the most programs with more or less 350, followed by the state of Florida, Texas, and Maryland. In Colorado, properties in the Permanently Affordable schemes are sold at a much lower price compared to other properties in the city to make housing prices there more affordable.

These programs are ideal for unattached parents because it allows them to live closer to their school and work downtown at a cheaper cost. An average condominium in Colorado costs half a million dollars, but houses in this scheme are more or less $200,000. Some are sold by bidding to allow individuals to compete instead of following a first-come basis process.

People can have salaries of sixty to eighty percent of the median income. The properties do not appreciate the market but are tied to a 3.5{18ef475765b7a8bba81e357ef7b73c29c986db2f1d6487d9acb1a3e19a4de9e1} gain yearly of the local median income. The US HUD, or the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, has an online directory for housing assistance programs in every state, including some local schemes.

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Housing loan credit

MCCs or Mortgage Credit Certificates allow first-time property owners who meet income-eligibility prerequisites to qualify for more extensive home debentures by offsetting some of the charges. Mortgage Credit Certificates are considered tax credits that are used to help individuals offset some of their mortgage interest fees. They minimize a person’s tax liability, allowing them to withhold less tax from their paycheck, as well as have more funds to pay their monthly amortizations. Local and state governments offer them.

IDAs or Individual Development Accounts

Individual Development Accounts helps individuals with limited salaries for down payments, as well as for closing costs by matching their fund savings. Savings can start with as little as twenty-five dollars and have as high as eight-is-to-one matches.

Up to two thousand dollars in federal matching funds can be added to local Individual Development Account programs. A lot of firms limit applicants to earning more or less than 200{18ef475765b7a8bba81e357ef7b73c29c986db2f1d6487d9acb1a3e19a4de9e1} of Federal Poverty Income levels. For families of four, the salary level is $24,000.

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Borrowers should find their demographics

Every program mentioned above is not directed at single parents. It is directed at individuals with moderate to low incomes who need a lot of help find beste forbrukslån (best consumer loan) when purchasing a house. Within that are areas that property purchasers may fit into.

For instance, some debentures favor rural residents, veterans, college graduates, teachers, emergency workers, or union members. None of these loans cares what people’s gender, marital status, or genders are. For instance, the RHDL programs offer federal-secured debentures in rural areas. Salaries cannot exceed 115{18ef475765b7a8bba81e357ef7b73c29c986db2f1d6487d9acb1a3e19a4de9e1} of the median income in the purchaser’s area.

Veterans Affairs debentures help veterans purchase houses without down payments, minimum credit score, or housing loan insurance. Some of these programs focus on helping community service workers afford to purchase a house near their workplace. When applying for a property debenture as a single parent, always remember that child support amortizations can count as a steady salary towards a housing loan, which can help individuals make qualifying for loans a lot easier.

Single parents have a lot of options to choose from. Whether it is state or local programs, help from the Federal Housing Authority, International Development Association, or mortgage credit, it is always an advantage to find every option that you are qualified to make sure you will be getting the best deal available.

Working as a single parent is hard enough; that is why you need all the help that you can get to purchase a beautiful home for your kids. Just make sure that it will suit your needs and will not compromise your family’s flow of income. There are tons of programs that focus on helping individuals in this kind of situation; all they need to do is do some research.

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