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Hotels Facility

Hotel is one form of accommodation in the area of ​​tourism facilities whose role is important in order to support the progress of national development, especially the economic sector.For more information you can visit bali hotels 
Types of hotel facilities:
Means are provided for guests which can be used to sit and enjoy the music and is located near the means of sales. Suppose shop, bar, drugstore.

Business center
The location or area that is used for a wide variety of business activities and this area provides:
– Photocopy
– Faxemail
– Internet
– Secretariat
– Translater / interpreter
Meeting room
The location or area used for meetings that both small and international scope.
fitness center
Space used for fitness activities using tools or without tools and the room’s walls consist of glass.
Living room providing beauty services and beauty treatments, the spa is generally composed of several parts or a different room functions and is generally equipped with dressing rooms, bathrooms, reception desk, lounge area, and pool care.
Restaurant is a facility that provides food and beverage service and restaurant is located inside or outside the hotel in accordance with the type of restaurantnya.
In the review of the price of the restaurant is divided into two:
1. a’la carte restaurant that is kind of the standard menu that bias we select one.
2. The table ‘hote restaurant is kind of menu that is already in the package
Facilities that provide beverages both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, and guests who enjoy bias relax while looking barman (bartender) concocted drinks for them.
The types of bar:
1. Café bar
Bar that specialists provide a dish of coffee and some snacks (snacks).
2. Public bar
The bar inside a hotel that is open to the public where visitors can book directly drinks or food they want from the bartender.
3. Service bar
Bar that serves to serve reservations drinks coming from room service.
4. Portable bar
The bar is barstationnya biased move.
5. American style bar
Bar .tamu present a very exclusive and usually darikels on the type of beverage that premium or expensive.
6. Aperitif bar
The bar is a special drink to stimulate the appetite.
7. English bar
The bar is in addition to selling drinks also provide makana light.
8. Dancing bar
Type public bar that is equipped with a dancing floor (a dance).
9. Pool bar / Sanken bar               
Type public bar which is usually located near the pool, could by the pool or in the middle of the pond.