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How to Choose Polyethylene Packaging Foam Packaging Correctly?

During transport, finished products often undergo severe pressure. Thus, choosing the best protective foam packaging is more than necessary. Lightweight, but also resistant and insulating, polyethylene packaging foam is an excellent choice for any industry. To make sure you choose the right cushioning foam according to your needs, here are some useful tips.

Choose a Quality Technical Polyethylene Packaging Foam

The quality of the product remains the main asset to take into account when choosing its protective foam. To ensure the impact resistance of a package, the foamed PE must have a sufficient density to guarantee optimum cushioning. The packaging foam is obtained through organic polymer which is precisely named polyethylene. This famous polymer is the most common in manufacturing industries. It offers shock resistance as well as ideal damping. To make sure that the protective flexible packaging is of high quality, it is important that it was designed in compliance with standards. We advise you to choose Novostrat polyethylene manufacturer to be certain to obtain premium polyethylene packaging foam.

Choosing Polyethylene Packaging Foam: Pay Attention to the Cuts

Choosing the right PE dampening foam for your products also means that you have to find the right format. A perfect cut that perfectly matches the dimensions and the shape of your product is an essential element. Whether your container is made of plastic or cardboard, rectangular or complex, all foams can adapt thanks to a custom cuts. They can be formed either by means of abrasive cold wire machines, or the use of multi-spindle milling machines. Manufacturers also can use water jet with very high pressure, or cut the foam with hydraulic press (stamping).

It is perfect for wrapping many objects, from the smallest to the largest ones. It is appreciated for its technical characteristics allowing to absorb vibrations but also to protect the products against external shocks. In accordance with current standards, a PE packaging foam must have a density of 16 to 150kg per cubic meter to ensure a resistance adapted to the weight of the different components.

Seek Expert Advice to Choose the Right Polyethylene Packaging Foam Solution

When you are new to the subject or just reluctant, the best way to make the right choice is to seek the advice of an expert. This type of protection must be purchased from a manufacturing company or a professional supplier who will also give you very useful tips. For instance, it is the case of Novostrat and its team. A specialist will be at your disposal to suggest you the best protective foams for your merchandises. The customization of foamed polyethylene allows you to be active in a wide variety of sectors and to meet the most precise needs.