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How to Make a Free and Effective CV Online?

Thanks to online CV creators, making a free CV when you want apply for a job becomes a quick and easy task. Indeed, you just have to choose from hundreds of free professional templates and customize it in just a few clicks. In case you do not know yet how to do so, just follow our tips.

The Steps to Follow to Make a CV online

Forget about the long hours spent laying out your resume or choosing fonts that showcase your cover letter. A free online CV generator allows you to make a stylish and attractive curriculum vitae without complicating things. Choose a simple or modern CV template with a design that matches the spirit of the targeted company. It will work on your favor. It only takes a few clicks to change colors, fonts and layout, and maybe add graphics to suit the job sought perfectly. The CV creator already takes care of the design so that you can focus on showcasing your skills while making your resume. Here are the steps to be followed:

  • Choose a reliable CV creator.
  • Pick the right CV template.
  • Click on the text boxes to easily add your work experiences, education and all the information.
  • Customize the colors, the fonts, and the layout to your liking.
  • When finished, upload your CV in the format you want, preferably in PDF format if you plan to send your application online.

Make a CV Online for each Application

Now that you know how to make cv online, you can update and personalize the document for each application. Most of the time, job seekers send their file to different companies in order to increase their chance for landing a job. And very often, they make the mistake of submitting exactly the same CV. But remember that like the cover letter, the resume must be adapted to each vacancy. If you have many experiences and skills, only mention those which are related to the job sought.

On the other hand, it is better to adapt the CV layout to the line of business. Whether you are a corporate lawyer or an interior stylist in the creative industries, the designers behind the best online CV makers have created a wide range of designs to suit all industries. If you are looking for something more formal, you can choose from the minimalist designs to impress the most traditional of HR managers.