How to optimise your website to increase leads and sales

Whether or not they sell products directly online or just use a website to generate leads, one of the most common complaints from businesses is that their site doesn’t deliver the results they expect.
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Rather than go out and get a new site, however, the answer to the problem may be in making sure your existing one is optimised not just to attract more customers, but also to serve them better when they arrive.
Attracting Customers

The more people visiting your site, the more sales it’s likely to generate, so the first step is to boost visitor numbers. The key to doing this is to ensure that you appear in more search results and come higher up the listings.
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Companies like Redsnapper have years of experience in web development, and can advise you on the SEO changes needed to achieve higher traffic levels. Once people are on your site you need to make sure that it’s serving their needs. It should load fast, be easy to navigate and generally deliver a positive user experience. Consider what it is people are likely to be looking for when they visit your page and make sure that it delivers this.
The way people use the internet is changing too – there’s much more chance they will be viewing your site on a mobile device. A professional web development company in London will be able to build a site that adapts to whatever device is being used and delivers an equally good experience across all platforms.
Page design

Once people are on your site you want to make it as easy as possible for them to buy or generate a request for a quote. There’s a tendency to try to pack a lot into a page, but keeping it simple is the best strategy. Think about the main things you want people to do on the site and remove anything that doesn’t contribute to this.
Your pages need to look good to encourage people to stay. You also want to draw visitors’ attention to the most important parts of the site. Use of colours and fonts can help here, as can images and icons. Make sure there’s a consistent look and feel across all of the pages of the site and that this reflects your wider business identity.