How To Take Inspiration From The Roaring 20’s For Your Wedding Outfit!


The roaring 20’s is one of the most iconic eras of all time, with fashion and jewellery being two of the most iconic parts of the Art Deco era. Many people want to take inspiration from this era on their big day, so if that sounds like something you’re interested in, we’re here to help you! From small accessories to your makeup, we’re here to help you look and feel amazing on your wedding day. You also don’t have to spend a fortune at all, and in many cases, these things will help you to save money for your big day rather than spend more! So, let’s get into it and find out how you can take inspiration from the roaring 20’s for your wedding outfit.

Go With An Art Deco Updo

Moving onto hairstyles for your wedding, a classic Art Deco updo involves a side parting with very defined waves across the top of the head, moving into a neat bun at the back of the head. On the side without the waves, you can then have a striking headpiece, or you could wear an embellished band across the top of your forehead, for a strong Art Deco look. If you have short hair, then wearing it down with the same defined waves will look beautiful and very 1920’s. The main thing to avoid here is anything really loose or messy looking, as your hair should look sleek and smooth, no matter if you choose an updo or you want it down.

Choose An Art Deco Wedding Dress

We haven’t even gotten onto the most important one yet, which is choosing an Art Deco wedding dress! This is of course the ultimate way to embody the roaring 20’s in your wedding look, whether you choose an authentic vintage dress, or you choose a new dress inspired by the era. There are so many variations of Art Deco dresses, from heavily beaded dresses to embroidered mermaid dresses, feathered fits and delicate pleating, you can bring this era into your dress in any way you want to. If you have an Art Deco engagement ring, try to tie in some of the features from that into your dress for a really special touch. Wearing an Art Deco dress looks so stunning in your photos, so make sure to choose a photographer with a vintage edge so your dress really shines through.

Go With Diamond and Platinum Jewellery

Continuing on the trend of jewellery, we’d recommend sticking with diamond and platinum jewellery, as that is quintessentially Art Deco. Investing in a piece of vintage jewellery for your wedding day is totally worth it, so if pearls aren’t your thing, why not get yourself a simple diamond pendant or stunning drop earrings from the Art Deco era. These pieces were made with impeccable craftsmanship, so they are in fantastic condition and continue to circulate today. Plus, when you buy vintage jewellery, it is VAT exempt as it has been purchased before, so you pay 20% less for the same quality gemstones, metals etc.

Pieces like this are also very diverse, so you can wear your wedding jewellery every year on your anniversary!

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