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Major redesign for Twitter

Twitter has recently released an update for its iOS and Android apps, as well as its website and Tweetdeck, designed to improve the consistency and fluidity of browsing ability for all users of the popular social media site. The new design is being gradually rolled out over the coming weeks, but what exactly does the new update have in store? Read on to discover exactly what you can expect from the redesign.
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Circular profile pictures

Channeling a chat head vibe from the Facebook Messenger app, Twitter now has circular profile pictures. Whilst we’re not sure how this improves the speed of browsing or the ease of use for users, we have to admit it does look pretty good, and provides a more modern look for the overall platform.
Font redesign

Designed to make bolder headlines stand out and look more consistent, this change is in line with Twitter’s recent announcement that it will be shifting its brand focus from that of a social media network to a more heavily focused news site –
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Changes to the interaction icons
The reply, like and retweet options have got a small makeover, with the original curved arrow symbol being modified to show a speech bubble instead. This, again, improves the overall look of the site and apps, giving them a more modern feel.
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Live updates

You can now watch your ‘like’ and ‘retweet’ counts go up in real time, without the delay Twitter users formerly experienced. This increases the engagement opportunities for each Tweet and allows for more accurate analytics.
Of course, the update isn’t without its flaws and Twitter has received a great deal of feedback from users, including the increased demand for an ‘edit’ button, rather than having to repost tweets to modify them. Here’s hoping the Twitter team hears and acts upon this feedback to ensure the platform is optimised for everyone.
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