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New Report Reveals the Most Powerful Brands in World Football

Once upon a time nobody connected the word ‘brand’ with football clubs. However, the last fifty years have seen a shift in professional, top level football, one that has seen some of the most globally renowned clubs, become some of the biggest forces in the global market. A recent report has revealed the most powerful brands in the world of football, with a few UK surprises in the top ten.
This is the eleventh Brand Finance report, named “Football 50 2017”. The report looks at competitive standing, popularity, new signings and managers to work out which clubs are likely to be the powerful brands for the year ahead, and which have made the biggest bucks in the football industry. It therefore splits into two lists, one entitled Most Powerful Brand and a second entitled Most Valuable. Every year big names drop down and lesser names rise up the list.
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Most Powerful Brands in Football 2017

  1. Real Madrid: Rising from 2nd place last year thanks to a Champions League Victory
  2. FC Barcelona: Dropped form 1st to 2nd place in order to give the crown to Real Madrid
  3. Bayern Munich: Remaining in third place
  4. Manchester United: Remaining in fourth place despite not winning the Premier League, but did win the UEFA Cup
  5. Juventus: Rising from sixth place thanks to victory in the Serie A

6: Liverpool: Rising from 7th thanks to investment in Asian markets, a much loved manager and a great stadium

  1. Arsenal: One of the biggest shifts in the top ten, Arsenal has shifted two places down after a disappointing season
  2. Chelsea: Rising from ninth place thanks to a Premier League win
  3. Manchester City: Fallen one from 8th place
  4. Paris Saint Germain: Rising one from 11th place

Branding shouldn’t be the bastion of the top clubs, branding is all about the image you project as a club. Even small clubs can have good branding when they’ve built a good reputation by having excellent facilities, by playing clean and securing local, trusted sponsors. Partnering with decent local sponsors should make for better football team kits, like those from companies such as
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So looking ahead to the next season, who will win most powerful brand in 2018? Can Real Madrid do it again?