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Plans to Make Kitchens Safer with Mandatory Testing of Gas Stoves

There can be no doubt about the importance of safety when it comes to using gas appliances in kitchens, and while safety is paramount with regard to new gas appliances in the UK, in Malaysia the Energy Commission has just announced plans to make testing of gas cookers compulsory. Here we look at what is being proposed for Malaysia, as well as the measures already in place in the UK regarding gas safety.
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The main risk in the UK with regard to gas is from appliances not being fitted by registered Gas Safe engineers, or from appliances not coming up to the required standard of safety. This can lead to potential carbon monoxide poisoning. According to ROSPA there are approximately 40 deaths and 200 hospitalisations each year from CO poisoning in the UK.
Gas Appliance Safety in Malaysia

In Malaysia, domestic gas cookers that use liquid petroleum gas are only tested voluntarily by both importers and manufacturers. This has resulted in a large number of fires caused by such appliances. Malaysia are now revising their Standards so that the code of conduct for installing gas appliances has been updated and there is now a requirement for gas detectors to be in place wherever gas is being used. The Energy Commission in Malaysia is also conducting regular checks and giving talks at commercial premises such as hotels, restaurants and hospitals, to emphasise the importance of gas safety.
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The Situation in the UK

In the UK there is domestic and EU legislation in place that ensures that manufacturers, retailers and importers of gas appliances are supplying goods that are safe. That means you can be sure that any pizza ovens you purchase from stockists such as will be compliant with all of the legislation. The main issue in the UK relates to the incorrect installation of equipment by unqualified or unregistered gas fitters, as well as landlords not ensuring their gas appliances are safe for tenants in rented properties.
So if you are purchasing a new gas appliance in the UK you can be sure that it meets all the relevant standards when it comes to safety. You just need to make sure that you have had it fitted correctly and have it tested regularly by a qualified Gas Safe engineer.