Proven SEO strategies that retailers should know about


Digital marketplaces are ultra-competitive, so here are four proven strategies to help you secure the top-ranking position for key terms in your niche.
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Latent semantic indexing (LSI)

LSI keywords are words or phrases that have a close connection with your main phrase or keyword. Including LSI keywords within your content will enhance your SEO by helping you to rank well for closely-related search terms and phrases.
Let’s say that you own a promotional discount code website. When optimising your keyword strategy, your London based SEO agency would enhance your on-page SEO by peppering your existing content with terms such as coupon codes, deals, discounts, and promo codes.
Detailed descriptions and keyword density

Google values long-form content because it knows its users want easy access to the most detailed information that will efficiently and effectively answer their question or query. The more content you have on your website, the more space you have to share valuable information with your audience.
It would be impossible to write 1,000-word product descriptions for every item on your e-commerce website, but it is much more attainable to focus on creating 100-word descriptions that contain your main keyword on at least three separate occasions. Invest in SEO services in London through Elevate UK, for example, to ensure your product descriptions are always unique, well-written, and contain an effective internal linking strategy to help your audience navigate your site with ease.
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Product review schema and rich snippets

First launched almost a decade ago, rich snippets enhance search listings and provide audiences with additional information designed to encourage them to click through. Although they do not influence rankings, rich snippets result in higher CTRs and provide additional indirect SEO benefits, including comprehensive metadata and indexable web pages.
Maximise your page click-through rate (CTR) with neuromarketing techniques

Incorporating your main keyword within the title tag of your webpage can be tricky, so why not add a prefix or click magnet – such as buy, 20{2a02a740f1c2594cbe2a923dc8e449dad4989327db9d6e66263aeaf5e0ae13ce} off or affordable – to your main keyword instead? This simple technique can boost your CTR and increase your visibility in search results for long-tail queries.
To fully optimise this technique, you should incorporate relevant and creative click magnets within your title tags and include longer phrases within your description tags, where there is more space to leverage extra clicks and potential conversions.

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