Re-Energise Your Team

If you’ve been tasked with providing a team-building event for your company or department, you’ll probably be looking for something unusual and unique. You may have tried events and activities in the past with varying degrees of success but want to wow everyone this time. Here are some inspiring ideas to get you started:

  1. Adrenaline Pumping

Popular team building events at the moment include anything that gets the blood pumping and challenges people to the extreme. The more exciting the event, the better and you’re providing an opportunity for people to try activities that they’ve never experienced before. Current trends include events like rally driving, quad biking, extreme stunt driving skills and outdoor pursuits like abseiling. The positive outcome of such activities is that people return to work re-energized, having achieved something unique and having loads to talk about. It’s a great way to motivate people, especially those who might lack confidence.
If you want to incorporate excitement and adrenaline but think driving is a bit too much of a personal experience then why not think about sailing days which require team work, communication and learning new skills to get your boat through the water. If you’d like to introduce a real competitive edge amongst your colleagues, then why not pit them against each other in a real-life tank battle? For an experience like no other, look at booking a Tank Driving Day by visiting
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  1. Setting a World Record

Give your workplace something to really brag about by getting them involved in breaking a world record and entering the official Guinness Book of World Records. Bringing everyone together in a shared challenge to create a real sense of achievement is an energising, motivating and truly unique activity that will become the stuff of office legend.
With a bit of creative planning and imagination, you could even tailor your record-breaking attempt towards your business, which will act as a great bit of marketing as a bonus. If you plan on holding a large event, keep your spectators engaged by involving them in their own record attempt – longest Mexican wave for example. Some of the world’s biggest brands have organised such events but it can still be achieved even if you’re a small business.
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  1. Time Challenges or Survival Days

Another idea for developing team building in a fun and exciting way is to set a time challenge around a city or town. Whether in the form of a treasure hunt around your local town or a Monopoly challenge around London, teams must complete challenges at each location. People will love the freedom to go off and work out the solutions while aware that they must reconvene at a certain point by a predetermined time. Such activities are designed to bring out leadership qualities and develop skills such as listening, communicating, time management, problem-solving and perseverance.
For a more extreme challenge, try a survival day with learning elements that include bush craft skills and shelter-building for example. Just be sure it’s a supportive and safe environment where staff of all abilities can join in.