The Importance Home Maintenance


Owning a home is very exciting and something most people aspire too. It is also a lot of work and sometimes can be overwhelming. It is important, as a homeowner to have a maintenance plan in place to be able to care and maintain the home properly.

  1. Resale Value:

A well maintained home will retain a decent resale value. Most people purchasing homes want a move in condition home. In today’s busy world, renovating a new home is not on the list of priorities. If a home buyer is looking for a fixer upper that is a different story, but someone selling their home will want to maximize their selling price.

  1. Energy Cost Considerations:

A home that is weather tight will help curb energy costs. Checking doors and windows periodically for drafts caused by gaps resulting from misaligned frames or worm weather stripping. A roof in good repair will also help to keep the home weather tight and the interior exempt from the effects of the weather. Gutters should also be inspected and cleaned and downspouts should always be positioned to allow rainwater to flow away from the side of the home. Rainwater that puddles around the foundation will eventually seep into the basement or crawlspace and possibly damage the foundation and footings. Wet basements will also provide the source for mold and mildew and cause health and environmental problems.

  1. Keep the Place Fresh

Painting the interior and exterior periodically will help to keep the home looking fresh. A regularly scheduled paint job will help to eliminate odors that build up on the interior of the home due to cooking or smoking. A regularly painted exterior will help to give the home that extra level of curb appeal, as well as eliminating the buildup of environmental elements that can damage the siding. A fresh paint job when selling your home will be more attractive to a buyer as they won’t have that task to include on their list of things to do. A paint job in good condition will also make it easier to occasionally to wipe down.

  1. Give the Floors Some Respect

Floors, whether they are hardwood, tile or even linoleum will last longer and look better in the long run if they are washed with the appropriate cleaner on a fairly regular basis. Tevfik Arif Doyen A clean surface will keep its shine longer and its integrity will remain intact. Daily sweeping will also add to the longevity as dirt and grit will not be allowed to scratch or penetrate the surface. A dirty surface will dull over time and become unattractive and possibly shorten the life of the floor covering.
The same can be said for carpeting. It needs to be vacuumed on a regular basis to keep dirt and grime from becoming ground into the piling. This is important especially if pets that shed are in residence. After a while, if the carpets are not vacuumed or cleaned on a regular basis, they will look dirty no matter how clean they really are.

  1. Doors and Woodwork deserve some Respect too

Wiping down woodwork and doors on a regular basis will help to keep the surfacing looking fresh. The integrity of the paint or stain will last longer. The surfaces will look fresh and not be subject to degradation due to neglect. Anything splashed on the surfaces should be wiped down as quickly as possible to avoid staining the surface and minimize repair or replacement.

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