The Importance of Character Education for Elementary School Students

The meaning of education can simply be interpreted as a human effort to foster his personality in accordance with the values in society and culture. Thus, the however simple civilization of a society may be, an education process takes place or takes place. That’s why education is often stated to have existed throughout human civilization.

Education is a very important part of realizing the quality of human resources. Education is the most valuable investment in the form of improving the quality of human resources for the development of a nation, many Best international schools in Bangkok, look for references on the internet many of the schools in Thailand offer a good curriculum, for example, St Andrews Dusit.

Often the progress of a nation is measured by the extent to which its people are educated. The higher education a community has, the more advanced the nation.

So as to achieve an educated and well-behaved society, which can bring progress in various majors. With education, it can improve the quality of morals, knowledge, and technology. Therefore, it is very necessary to have a synergy between education and human resources.

Character education is basically an educational process that aims to build the character of students. As we know that education is done not only to provide children with knowledge but also to instill and socialize the values and norms that exist in society so that they can grow by understanding these values and norms.

Character education becomes a strategic issue in the context of education in Thailand, this is related to the moral crisis that occurred lately. Where almost all cases that occur related to moral decadence are suspected due to the failure of character education provided by educational institutions.

Cases on a national scale, for example, are often triggered by the lack of character education processes provided in schools and in the family environment.