Top Tips on How to Prepare for a University Fair Event

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Attending a university fair event is arguably one of the most effective opportunities to meet university representatives. It is a chance to ask questions about the universities, the courses, the admissions and the graduate career choices available. This article will provide information on the top ten tips to help you prepare for this useful experience.

1. Do Research on the Study Options

It is highly recommended that you spend time completing research on your study options before attending a university fair event. This means that you will be able to benefit from the specialist knowledge of the representatives on the day rather than finding out information that could be discovered online.

2. Preparing Questions for the Representatives

As part of the research completed, it is advised that you prepare specific questions for the university representatives. The questions should revolve around different issues you wish to discuss regarding university application in a particular field of study or a discussion of various overall academic topics including tuition fees or application deadlines. It is advised that you review no more than five key points focusing on the issues most important to your needs.

3. Check the Event Schedule Beforehand

Several days before the university fair event takes place, it is recommended that you check the final event schedule. Be sure to write down the beginning times of any presentations or panel conferences you wish to attend as well as any conferences you are partly interested in attending.

4. Orient Yourself When Arriving

It is highly recommended that you arrive early and orient yourself upon arrival. The majority of university fair events will provide their guests with a floor plan indicating the layout of the conferences. It is advised that you gain knowledge of the venue layout at the start of the day so that you do not lose your way and do not waste time by planning an initial route.

5. Keep an Open Mind

While it is beneficial to arrive prepared with a clear focus regarding academic options, it is recommended that you consider the various university possibilities. You may find that the ideal degree course exists in a study form you had not previously examined or reviewed. Remember that all the university representatives from different countries are keen to recruit potential students at the university fair event, therefore, it is useful to speak with the individuals and check what they have to offer.

6. Speak With Other Potential Students

One of the primary reasons for attending a university fair event is to network with university admission representatives. However, if you do have the opportunity, it is recommended that you speak with other potential students and listen to the questions they ask the representatives. After all, they have also conducted research and may be strong sources of information for further education options.

7. Keep an Eye on the Clock

It is easy to lose track of time and become caught up in conversations but this is an issue that needs to be considered when attending a university fair event. To avoid losing track of time and missing out on different opportunities, it is recommended that you set an alarm on your phone to indicate when the event is ending. This will ensure that you collect all the information you need and attend all the presentations you want to view.

8. Bring a Guest

The majority of university fair events will allow the prospective student to bring along a guest. This can be highly beneficial because the companion can help remind you of the questions to ask and help sort through the information obtained afterwards as well.

9. Bring a Pen, Paper, and Bag

It is highly recommended that you bring along a pen and a sheet of paper when attending a university fair. This will allow you to make a note of anything you may wish to follow up with later on. It is also likely that you will collect information packs from representatives, which can be gathered in a bag for convenience.

10. Be Prepared to Sell Yourself

It is important to remember that the university representatives are looking for top applicants and you need to make a strong first impression. When attending this event, it is vital that you have a neat appearance, a professional introduction and ask high-quality questions to indicate your seriousness regarding the application.
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