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Two Digital Marketing Methods You Should Use In 2022

Digital marketing is a method that many businesses have implemented in their marketing strategy plan since the internet blew up. The internet wasn’t around until 1983 and digital marketing only started to become a thing ten years leather. Until then, radio advertising, newspaper adverts and telecoms were all typical marketing methods. Now, that has all changed.

There are many digital marketing strategies to consider for your business in 2022 however if you want to be successful, you need to implement suitable marketing methods for your company. Let’s look at the different marketing methods you can implement in 2022.

Search Engine Optimisation

Also known as SEO, is a common marketing strategy for thousands of businesses around the world. This marketing strategy is to improve the keyword rankings on Google for their business. Once keywords improve, they will start attracting a new audience.

There are many things to consider when you are trying to improve your organic rankings. In fact, there are over 200 ranking factors on Google so you must understand the key ranking factors before you start writing gibberish in your content.

Content is essential for your website as it communicates to a user what they are looking at. No matter what your business is, whether it sells antique jewellery or offers a graphic design service, you need to explain to the user what they are looking at.

Once you have this content, you then need to optimise for keywords related to the page they are looking at. Not only do you want to attract traffic to your website, but you also need to attract relevant traffic to your website.

Social Media Marketing

Many people believe that social media marketing is outdated because of the iOS 14 update however, that is not the case. It is still a relevant market strategy as it can increase your brand awareness. Furthermore, there are two types of social media marketing you can use.

Paid Social

This is the method that was affected the most by the iOS 14 update. It is a way a brand advertises to users that have allowed cookies when they visit different websites. Once they allow cookies, they are then in the audience based on what they have been searching for. For example, if they have been searching for women’s fashion clothing, they would be in an audience related to that. Paid social can be expensive but if done correctly, it can increase brand awareness rapidly.

Organic Social Media

Organic social media is another common marketing method that people use. Furthermore, if you are on social media yourself, this is something you will be well experienced with. Nonetheless, it is slightly different to how you would manage your personal social media account.

Once you have set up an organic social media page for your website, you need to think of innovative ways to attract people to your account. For example, some brands would offer giveaways to people once they have shared and liked their page. Ensure that you fill your page out with images of your services and products as well. If you have just released a night out dresses collection then showcase it to the world through your social media page.