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This study examined financial management and control in local government administration, Bayelsa state. This programme focuses on developing skills and knowledge vital in business, with an emphasis on accounting, finance and financial management. The set of high-level indicators captures the key PFM elements that are recognized as being critical for all countries to achieve sound public financial management.

He has published in the American Economic Review, Econometrica, Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of International Economics, Management Science and Review of Finance, among other journals. This will involve the solving of a particular problem or the management of a project, after which the students must write a dissertation based on their experience. With regards to the findings of the study just concluded, we therefore recommend the following suggestions to enhance the practice of a sound public financial management in local government administration of Bayelsa state. It is therefore measured in terms of financial planning policy and public financial management performance measurement. Professional certification is not required, but some financial managers still get it to demonstrate a level of competence. Equip managers with the financial information in business terms to help them make better-informed decisions.

Lately, the control paradigm in the public sector has witnessed a conspicuous shift from classic ex ante expenditure checks to contemporary financial and no financial internal controls. Many people are doll founded about what is happening to local government administrative authorities, if at all they practice public financial management with regards to rural development. Internal control means establishing a system in which all actions are monitored proactively, irregularities are corrected, and deficiencies are reported to top management (Mustafa and Serdar, 2006). Survival of company is an important consideration when the financial manager makes any financial decisions.

It touches on all areas of finance, including the valuation of real and financial assets, risk management and financial derivatives, the trade-off between risk and expected return, and corporate financing and dividend policy. Public financial management is that aspect of administrative function that concerns planning and controlling of public financial resources. The study verified the practice of public financial management in local government administration that can enhance transparency and accountability in the use of public financial resources. Public financial management (PFM) is an essential part of the development process.

This reveals that the practice of public financial management in local government administration enhance transparency and accountability in the use of public financial resources of Bayelsa state. Great Lakes offers personal financial management resources for students, as well as mutually beneficial resources for helping students avoid defaulting on loans, including consolidation options.

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