What To Wear To Work When It Is Freezing Outside


Wearing the right clothing when the weather turns colder is important to ensure that you keep warm this winter. Ensuring that you wear warm men’s streetwear can also help ensure that you remain healthy in colder weather.

Learn To Layer

Sometimes it is outside of the remit of employees to decide the temperature of the room they are working in, even if they are working in an office. But a lot of jobs require workers to work outside, which is why it can be essential to ensure that you are properly wrapped up.

Ensuring that you layer your clothing is the most effective way to keep warm this winter, if you are feeling cold you can simply add another layer onto your outfit; if you are feeling too warm you can take a layer off.


You could try wearing thermal clothing underneath your regular outfit, thermal clothing reflects heat that your body generates back towards your body. This means that your body loses less heat over time. Thermal clothing comes in a range of shapes and sizes including:

  • Thermal Socks: The human body loses the most heat through the hand and feet, which is why it is especially important to ensure that you have appropriate thermals to reduce heat loss.
  • Thermal Vests: Wearing a thermal vest is a great way to keep your body core warm in cold weather; you can get thermal vests that are adapted towards mild, medium and severe weather. This can allow you to pick the right thermal vest for the temperature of the day.
  • Thermal Hat And Gloves: Thermal hats and gloves can prevent your hand and head from getting cold, gloves also reduce the amount of heat the sleeves of your coat lose throughout time.

Buy A Thick Winter Coat That Fits

Ensuring that you have a thick, quality coat that fits this winter is essential. You should ensure that the coat has been made by a quality brand that uses quality materials. You can also find coats that are made out of thermal materials to help decrease the amount of heat that the coat loses over time. If you are considering getting a new winter coat and want to ensure that you keep in style you could perform a simple Google search that will let you know the styles that are currently in fashion.


Accessories can make a big difference when it comes to colder weather.

  • Winter Boots: Ensuring you have a good pair of waterproof boots that have a good level of traction on the soles to reduce the chances of you falling over on snow and ice. It may be required by your workplace to wear more formal footwear to the workplace, which is why you may need to change your footwear when you arrive at work. If you can safely store your work footwear at work when you go home at the end of the night this would mean that you wouldn’t have to worry about bringing two separate items of footwear to work a day.
  • Scarf: Wearing a good quality scarf can help keep your neck warm and reduce the amount of heat your coat will lose around your neck and shoulders.


You may decide it is so cold that you decide to wear completely different clothes on the way to work than what you would wear during the workday. You could for example wear a pair of thick men’s full tracksuits on the way and back from work and then change into your regular work outfit once you arrive at work.

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