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Wood floors in bathrooms growing in popularity

Bathroom flooring has always been a contentious issue with some people believing you have to have vinyl for safety, while others insist on carpet for comfort and warmth. However, the recent trend has been for wood flooring in bathrooms as a combination of both warmth and practicality.
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Wood flooring has many great benefits such as durability, strength, warmth and comfort. It can be cleaned easily and offers a more giving surface than some other flooring solutions. However, one of the things that puts many people off is the price tag. Solid wood flooring certainly does cost more than many other options.
Vinyl, ceramic and laminate

For this reason, people have often opted for laminate, ceramic or vinyl flooring which can be bought with a wood finish so that it looks almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Vinyl, ceramic and laminate are all easy to clean and they are also highly durable. Despite this, there is something about real wood flooring that is always attractive and desirable.
There are many types of solid wood flooring and retailers such as will be able to advise you on the right type of flooring for your individual needs. For bathrooms, wood should ideally be kept protected by making sure it has a waterproof coating to keep the wood safe from water damage. You can also use a rug to protect the wood. There is no doubt that real hardwood will add class and value to your home, so this is always worth considering as a flooring option.
Protecting and cleaning wood

Bathrooms with wood floors need extra care to keep them looking their best. If wood gets wet for too long it can swell and cause permanent damage. Although wood floors will have a protective layer finish it is worth bearing some cleaning tips in mind when caring for real wood floors. For example, some quirky cleaning tips for wood include removing water marks with brazil nut oil, mayonnaise or even toothpaste –
The glamour and appeal of real wood floors will never abate and many people swear by wood as a flooring solution for every room in the house. Although always popular in lounges, dining rooms and hallways, wood has now made its way into the bathroom and, whether real or effect, the wood look is here to stay.